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"Swiss Delice" Swiss-made

Deliciousness with Safety and Piece of Mind

おいしさに安心と安全を。Food is the god of health. We never use additives such as preservatives and artificial colouring and flavours which are concern over our health. No genetically modified crops or saturated fats, either. We only use hand-picked ingredients.

Strict Quality Control

iso9001In order to deliver safety and piece of mind, we promote production based on strict quality control that meets international certification requirements. We have obtained IFS (International Food Standard), BRC (foodstuffs) international standard, and ISO9001.

What is Swiss-Delice?

スイスデリスThe Swiss Delice brand was created in 1998 according to a wish to bring together the very best of products made in Switzerland in terms of product quality, ingredients, carefully selected recipes and modern and practical package design. Swiss Delice has been developed based on the voice of consumers wishing to enjoy premium products which are elegant and healthy. Unique and refined, in its range, Swiss Delice brings together the excellence of products made in Switzerland.