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Iced Tea

"Swiss Delice" Iced Tea

100% natural!

スイスプレミアムアイスティーUses only hand-picked tea leaves, pure water from the Swiss Alps, fruit juiced and a little bit of sugar.
Please try the premium flavour with the striking natural taste of tea, carefully extracted using the same method as brewing in a teapot. The rich flavour and aroma created by premium tea and natural ingredients that stretches out like Switzerland's great nature. Four clear, deep, and gentle flavours.

The Very First (?!) Iced Tea

"Swiss Premium Iced Tea", the very first iced tea to be mass-produced and widely sold in the world in 1938. A popular iced tea that is the most familiar one in Swiss households and continues to be loved in various countries throughout the world.

Swiss Premium iced Tea


ストロベリー1000 ml
[Contains 9% peach juice]
Low in sugar. Peach iced tea that overflows with the natural sweetness and aroma.


1000 ml
[Contains 2% lemon juice]
Low in sugar. Lemon tea with a homemade taste that reminds us of a cup of tea with a slice of lemon.

Alps Herb

ストロベリー1000 ml
[Contains Alps herbs]
Low in sugar. A feeling of refreshment, just like the image of Switzerland. A delicious, easy-to-drink herb tea.