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Swiss Delice products can be purchased on the Internet.

Purchase biscuits hereA combination of biscuits made from specially-selected Swiss butter, milk, cream and eggs and the popular FREY Swiss chocolate.
Since going on sale in 1928, they are the "national biscuits" of Switzerland that continue to be loved to this day.
Purchase jam hereSeasonal fruits are slowly boiled down and matured. This boiling time further develops the jam's flavour - the traditional Swiss taste that has been handed down for 100 years.
Enjoy the jams packed with the delicious taste of fruits.
Purchase iced tea hereUses only hand-picked tea leaves, pure water from the Swiss Alps, fruit juiced and a little bit of sugar. Premium flavour with the striking natural taste of tea, carefully extracted using the same method as brewing in a teapot.
Purchase Rösti hereRösti is a dish featuring julienned potatoes that are fried in a frying pan until their surface turns golden and crispy. Originally it was a typical breakfast among farmers in the canton of Bern, but now it has become one of Switzerland's specialities cherished throughout the country.